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Noise Issue at 370 RICHLAND AVE

Pungent smell coming from their backyard. Lots of trashbags stacked up
OPENED 1 day ago #9704208

Noise Issue at 527 MADRID ST

Neighbor is using a chainsaw and keeps revving it up, just to set of dog barking. It is very uncalled for and antagonistic.
CLOSED Case Transferred. To view status, see or call (415)558-6570. - 1 day ago #9688498

Noise Issue at 1695 MARKET ST

Construction noise started at 6:30am, before the time they are permitted to start. This is not the first time this has happened with this site. I will get better about reporting it.
CLOSED Case Transferred. To view status, see or call (415)558-6570. - 1 day ago #9661199

Noise Issue at 2050 Union St Cow Hollow

The trash truck bangs the dumpsters and bins a few times a week in the early morning around 4am or 5am. It's impossible to sleep through the banging. Suggest that trucks come after 7am to comply with noise ordinance and employ proper me...
CLOSED Case Resolved. we will have this changed to service after 6am , hopefully before the cars start parking on the street. - 1 day ago #9687415

Noise Issue at 650 DELANCEY ST

Another day, another early trash pickup. One around 6:30 another around 7. This is a residential area and this occurs every day of the week. Please do something about this as it's a big disturbance to the neighborhood. There is plenty of...
CLOSED Case Resolved. We will adjust our time of service to before 11pm or after 7am. - 1 day ago #9623751

Noise Issue at 301 Howard St South of Market

Extreme construction and Jack hammers and 10pm
CLOSED Case is Invalid. Unable to verify address. Need legal address to file complaint. - 1 day ago #9687292

Noise Issue at Intersection of Delancey St & End (600 Block Of)

Early morning disrupting noise from trash / recycling collection. This happens every weekday. This is a residential area, please direct the responsible parties to adjust their pickup schedule. It's very disruptive and makes living here he...
CLOSED Case Resolved. We will have the time of service adjusted. - 1 day ago #9610073

Noise Issue at 33 Tehama St South of Market

Garbage collection disturbing all residents after 11pm daily
CLOSED Case Resolved. This alley has been serviced at night since it is in a commercial area. - 1 day ago #9686322

Noise Issue at 195 BEALE ST

Loud building fire alarm has been going off for hours every day and night since Saturday October 13
CLOSED Case Transferred. Call SFPD Non Emergency at 415-553-0123. - 1 day ago #9681880

Noise Issue at Laskie St South of Market SF

Third time this week, bedore 5:30am wtf?! Also I’ve been living at this location for a few months and it has gotten ridiculously louder in the past 2 weeks. Please take action to lower the volume and move to a later time after 6:30am.
CLOSED Case Resolved. duplicate. - 1 day ago #9598837

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