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Streetlight Repair at Bacon St, San Francisco 94134

For the stretch of Bacon St between San Bruno Ave and Bayshore Blvd, under the 101 Freeways, please install bird deterring spikes above the wall mounted lights in this tunnel area. Walking by large amounts of bird poop on the sidewalk und...
CLOSED Comment Noted. PLS REPORT TO 800-743-5000. - 11 days ago #18193358

Streetlight Repair at 21 Lyell St

This light always has lots of pigeons on it, and they poop on the sidewalk. The only way to avoid being hit is to walk in the street, which is unsafe. Can you install something to deter pigeons from perching there?
OPENED almost 3 years ago #14141255

Streetlight Repair at Intersection Of Geary St & Powell St

NE CRNER, inside the union square park, 2 separate light bulbs are burnt, replace, alot of homeless ppl. hide in corners to sleep, pee/poop, do drugs. No patrols. Repair!
CLOSED Updating Closure Information - over 4 years ago #6461512

Streetlight Repair at 97 12th St

all of the streetlighting is out surrounding the new Goodwill building.This is extremely dangerous. The narrow passage marked for pedestrians on South Van Ness has a very uneven surface, there is frequent defecation in this stretch and ne...
CLOSED Case Resolved. Maximo Service Request has been resolved. Memo:replaced main 40 A fuse. Add'l Notes:. replaced 40 A Main fuse ; lights are back in service. - over 4 years ago #11646261

Streetlight Repair at Intersection Of Mission St & 8th St

Poop on SW street lamp
CLOSED Case Resolved. - over 5 years ago #9560966

Streetlight Repair at 1183 Howard St

Not enough light on street at night. Feels dangerous and too dark to watch out for stuff like poop on sidewalk. Streetlight might be broken or need to be installed
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Resolved. RESOLVED 11/20/2015. - over 8 years ago #5302463

Streetlight Repair at 850 Visitacion Ave

Floor and chair Clean come floor and chair on poop
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Transferred. Replaced with 4838900. - almost 9 years ago #4838797
Streetlight Repair at 850 Visitacion Ave


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