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Noise Issue at 2007 16th St

The music was so loud at Ill Pirata at 1:30am it woke me up and I was not able to go back to sleep. The loud amplified music continued coming out of the bar even passed 1:50am. The owner has a lack of consideration and respect for his nei...
OPENED about 8 hours ago #14662185

Noise Issue at 928 Sutter St

Chatter and banging likely from homeless/vandals
OPENED about 9 hours ago #14662171

Noise Issue at 1237 Polk St Polk Gulch

LOUD MUSIC AND BASS. This is a daily occurrence and is severely impacting the quality of live for people who live around- you need to ensure that they comply with sound restrictions!!
OPENED about 9 hours ago #14662153

Noise Issue at 1233 Polk St Polk Gulch

Mayes at 1233 Polk is impossible as is McTeague’s next door. I am a block away and it is impossible every night because of their noise (music and bass) and screaming patrons . DO SOMETHING!
OPENED about 10 hours ago #14662145

Noise Issue at 557 Ashbury St

Moaning and screaming drug addicts.
CLOSED Accepted. Noise informational reports are closed and summarized for department use. - about 10 hours ago #14658820

Noise Issue at 1765 California St

Loud power washing starts at midnight
OPENED about 10 hours ago #14662117

Noise Issue at Intersection Of 16th St & Valencia St

Super loud live music, can't hear TV indoors over the live music. Also, second week in row people setting off fire works at the enclosure.
OPENED about 16 hours ago #14661652

Noise Issue at 359 Hyde St

Moaning and whistling
CLOSED Comment Noted. - about 17 hours ago #14661127

Noise Issue at Unknown #1001535873

Guy blasting amplified music in the middle of Dolores park, can be heard outside park
CLOSED Case Resolved. - about 23 hours ago #14659707

Noise Issue at 950 Geary St Polk Gulch

Music off and on 24 hours a day. The volume level varies in intensity from lows to very highs.
OPENED 1 day ago #14659279

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