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Noise Issue at 200 Randolph St

Vehicles parked in front of SFHA building have been blasting music all day. Requests to turn down the music have been ignored. Fireworks are being set off with no regard for the neighborhood
OPENED 8 minutes ago #13729141

Noise Issue at 655 Brotherhood Way Lakeshore

Loud movie in parking lot going on right now at 935pm. We have babies that can’t sleep
OPENED 10 minutes ago #13729131

Noise Issue at 1155 4th St Mission Bay

Gus community market has daily deliveries starting at 445am Monday to Saturday. The noise associated with the trucks - including idling, opening of the trailer and moving the packages is inappropriate at this time of the morning. Multip...
CLOSED Case Transferred. Per process - cases are closed 5 days after assignment. - about 5 hours ago #13703173

Noise Issue at 1765 California St

WF HVAC - high pitched ringing along with the fluctuating hum of these machines are on their third week of running 24/7. We are in for another sleepless night. This is having major negative impacts on our mental health. Please help us. Pl...
OPENED about 6 hours ago #13728122

Noise Issue at 200 Randolph St

Abandoned vehicles parked in front of SFHa building blasting music
OPENED about 6 hours ago #13728080

Noise Issue at 200 Randolph St

Vehicles in front of SFHA building blasting loud music
CLOSED Not Accepted. Please contact SFPD at 415-553-0123. - about 6 hours ago #13728000

Noise Issue at 200 Randolph St

Vehicles parked in front at SFHA building blasting music
CLOSED Comment Noted. Please contact SFPD while incident is occurring. - about 8 hours ago #13727454

Noise Issue at 2465 Union St Cow Hollow

Garbage cans dragged down stairs outside over and over at 6am every week
CLOSED Case Resolved. Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. For all noise issues, we try our best to accommodate the needs of San Francisco citizens by making adjustments when possible. Details such as time, description of the truck, truck #, service address(es), service the truck is providing, etc. can help us pinpoint the cause and driver(s).  . In the effort to continue uninterrupted service while planning, preparing, and responding to the Coronavirus outbreak, you may experience an earlier than normal collection times. Recology has instituted staggered work shifts for our employees to minimize large gatherings as recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We apologize for the early noise and appreciate your understanding.  . Also, all Recology trucks operate under the permitted 75 dBA. per the SFDPH 4.2 Police Code Article 29, Section 2904, Waste Disposal Services, "There are no limits on noise associated with refuse truck operation, such as noise from crushing, compacting, dropping, or moving waste…It is often necessary that these trucks operate early in the morning on very specific routes that may not be adjustable.". - about 10 hours ago #13708364

Noise Issue at 952 Sutter St Lower Nob Hill

VERY loud motorcycle with tailpipes back-firing causing car alarms to go off all up and down the block. Multiple incidents the night of April 18, 2021: April 18, 2021 at 07:14PM April 18, 2021 at 08:23PM April 18, 2021 at 09:41PM Ap...
CLOSED Case is Invalid. Please report to SFPD in real-time, 415-553-0123. - about 11 hours ago #13726195
Noise Issue at 952 Sutter St Lower Nob Hill

Noise Issue at 1765 California St

Whole foods loud humming and high whine sou d - I can hear it everywhere in my condo even with the doors closed. Please do something.
OPENED about 13 hours ago #13725629

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