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Noise Issue at 5260 Geary Blvd

The elevator shaft on top of the building is making a loud mechanical noise that is loud enough to hear inside our home nearly half a block away. It is malfunctioning and potentially a fire hazard.
OPENED about 12 hours ago #13181905

Noise Issue at 1210 Lombard St

Construction Noise exceeds 45 db. Up to 60 db.
OPENED about 21 hours ago #13179772

Noise Issue at 1336 Grove St Western Addition

Lewis M Merlo Inc is a concrete contractor and they operate very loudly extremely early in the morning. It sounds like they are doing some sort of construction (maybe creating the concrete?) very early in the morning which is very loud a...
OPENED 2 days ago #13174120

Noise Issue at 550 Leavenworth St

recology starting 2:20am
OPENED 2 days ago #13173613

Noise Issue at 390 1st St

Dropping a new empty debris dumpster at 12:45 am in a residential area
OPENED 2 days ago #13173352

Noise Issue at 225 Berry St Mission Bay

Pervasive constant loud stupefying noise coming from a neighboring building 24x7, probably HVAC equipment. The volume strength has increased considerably in the past several weeks, probably after a recent construction work. Steady, consta...
OPENED 4 days ago #13169913
Noise Issue at 225 Berry St Mission Bay

Noise Issue at 42 Otis St, San Francisco Ca 94103, United States

Stop construction truck beeping please!!!! [submitted via]
OPENED 4 days ago #13169367

Noise Issue at Intersection Of Lane St & Quesada Ave

Jackhammer at 8am on a Saturday. I know it's not against the rules but it is still rude
OPENED 4 days ago #13168321

Noise Issue at Us Chinatown Sf

A large machine is breaking up street concrete and sidewalk concrete at 6:21am on a Saturday morning.
OPENED 4 days ago #13168136

Noise Issue at Market St & Church St

Constant underground generator noise all day!! Sounds like from muni underground on market x church
OPENED 5 days ago #13166722

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