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Noise Issue at 900 Folsom St South of Market

Recology trucks are too loud at 6:30am three times per week. The neighbors are constantly being woken up. Please reschedule.
OPENED about 7 hours ago #9282657

Noise Issue at 368 ELM ST

This guy and his cohorts are always out front (under the overhang/tress one door down from 368 Elm St) - all hours of the day and night - hammering on bikes to disassemble that he's clearly stolen. And the encampments are piling up. Our...
OPENED about 8 hours ago #9282390
Noise Issue at 368 ELM ST

Noise Issue at Intersection of Jackson St & Auburn St

Extremely loud power washing machine at the cable car barn at 3AM.
OPENED about 14 hours ago #9281595

Noise Issue at 900 INNES AVE

Man screaming on street
OPENED about 15 hours ago #9281578

Noise Issue at 3045 26th Ave Lakeshore

The residents are renting cars from the house and using the public street as their car lot. People are on the street and sidewalk every day and night. They also use a power washer in the backyard until midnight to clean the cars and i...
OPENED about 19 hours ago #9281393

Noise Issue at 830 JONES ST

Unnecessary siren and air horn running whole day everyday. That is not right.
OPENED about 20 hours ago #9281300

Noise Issue at 890 MARKET ST

The same damn music group is here playing and asking for money again! They are here every damn night. When are you going to kick these people out? I can't even watch tv with the windows closed without hearing them playing and singing outs...
OPENED about 21 hours ago #9281041

Noise Issue at 773 Cole St Haight-Ashbury

The level of noise constantly exceeds the permitted level for residential area, especially working with many tools at once! Major work and noise is produced at early hours (7am-9am). Thanks for investigating! Appreciate RSVP at the email...
OPENED 1 day ago #9277655

Noise Issue at 416 LELAND AVE

Leland Ave from 100 to 700 block major traffic vehicle never stop even city working using the street as a race track every minute a car pass by on the street without stop at the stop sign we have a major violation on this area need police...
OPENED 1 day ago #9276963

Noise Issue at 863 BUSH ST

Window workers being super loud with their tools.
OPENED 1 day ago #9276714
Noise Issue at 863 BUSH ST

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