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Muni Employee Feedback at 1208 Potrero Ave

Bus #8611 driver had his mask on his chin the entire ride from Powell st to 24th st with his plexi door open while talking on his phone the entire trip
OPENED 6 days ago #13366579

Muni Employee Feedback at 76 Sycamore St

Mission district police station - all police officers are not wearing masks. They are not social distancing behind the glass. I am filing a report and I am scared that they are not taking covid seriously. They have been handing back and f...
OPENED about 1 month ago #13217209

Muni Employee Feedback at Intersection Of Market St & South Van Ness Ave

Hispanic Female POP officer harassed me. I hadn't boarded a bus year and had my bike. I went to the end of the boarding island so i could lean my bike against the railing and drink my drink while waiting for my bus. The POP officer came u...
OPENED 4 months ago #12941217


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