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Muni Employee Feedback at Intersection Of 30th Ave & Fulton St

Bus 5878; IB 5 Fulton; Run 247; 08-01-2020; 10:45a; Operator refused to open front door then closed rear door on me while i walked back to use it. He eventually reopened it after almost 30 seconds. I was wearing my mask the entire time. D...
OPENED 5 days ago #12720665

Muni Employee Feedback at 1227 Masonic Ave

Hassled for helping disabled people. 2 elderly women with canes & 1 with walker. I put seats down for them and was yelled at by the driver. I asked for her operator # & was refused. Bus #6604
OPENED 22 days ago #12650042
Muni Employee Feedback at 1227 Masonic Ave

Muni Employee Feedback at 2140 Market St

Driver is letting people ride MUNI with no mask. When I approached him, he flat out ignored me. He would not acknowledge any of the commuters that were complaining. Coach #8737
OPENED 23 days ago #12645130


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