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Encampment at 577 Howard St

S Howard 1/4 the way down off of 2nd. Illegal encampment -EC
CLOSED Case Transferred. Area was cleaned around the encampment; referred to the Police Dept. - 17 minutes ago #12455440
Encampment at 577 Howard St

Street or Sidewalk Cleaning at 10 Ada Ct

Lots of garbage and trash throughout Ada alley. Please remove
CLOSED Case Resolved. - 32 minutes ago #12455705

Noise Issue at Intersection Of 25th St & Douglass St

Homeless person creating raucous sifting through the neighborhood garbage
CLOSED Comment Noted. - 38 minutes ago #12455733

Encampment at 1320 Leavenworth St

Man sleeping on sidewalk
CLOSED Case is Invalid. Requests related to the concern or well-being of individuals not in an encampment are not handled by 311. - about 1 hour ago #12455561

Blocked Pedestrian Walkway at 359 Hyde St

overflowing trash bag blocking sidewalk
CLOSED Case Resolved. - about 1 hour ago #12455383

Blocked Driveway & Illegal Parking at 1101 Ocean Ave Ingleside

Pickup truck parked wrong on back up only parking space. Been parked for over a week giving people a hard time going up lee ave when making a right from ocean.
CLOSED Case is Invalid. Need vehicle make/model, license plate # , 2D or 4D, or SUV? - about 1 hour ago #12455721

Blocked Pedestrian Walkway at 179 Julian Ave

Several folks camped out in the sidewalks here, screaming obsentities at each other. A dog barking and a woman screaming about the dog.
CLOSED Insufficient Information Provided. Picture doesn't match location. - about 2 hours ago #12455381
Blocked Pedestrian Walkway at 179 Julian Ave

Encampment at Intersection Of 15th St & Noe St

Rough sleeper at 15th and Noe
CLOSED Case Resolved. - about 2 hours ago #12454984

Encampment at 1556 North Point St

Filthy encampment; trash, human waste, and open air drug dealing. Please stop ignoring this encampment! It is next to a vital Safeway where many people need to shop for food safely!
CLOSED Comment Noted. Outreach provided per accordance to CDC Covid-19 guidelines. Visit SF.GOV for more info. SFPD checks on encampment daily. - about 2 hours ago #12455044
Encampment at 1556 North Point St

Noise Issue at 425 Mansell St

Several people hanging out, drinking beer, urinating in street, smoking pot, lighting unattended candles. This has been going on for several days.
CLOSED Case is Invalid. Call SFPD 415 553 0123 for noise complaints. - about 2 hours ago #12455379

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