Encampment at 941 14th St

CLOSED Case Resolved. - 24 days ago #12636445
Submitted Fri Jul 10, 2020

Last week there were 6 tents, now there are 11 tents. What happened to the 5 tent per block limit? There's no toilet facility so they're crapping everywhere. Prolific drugs piles of junk, stolen packages! DO SOMETHING!!!

Criminal Activity Inside Encampment? No - Trash/Cleaning Request

How many people? More than 6 People

How many tents, structures, or tarps? More than 6 Structures

address: 941 14th St

coordinates x,y: 6002589.5895206155, 2107628.5292829587

coordinates lat,lng: 37.76729263382592, -122.4343164282337

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Fri Jul 10, 2020 08:55pm Closed with status: Case Resolved.
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