Flooding, Sewer & Water Leak Issues at 347 Park St Bernal Heights

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Submitted Thu Jul 30, 2020

On Thur. July 23 the unit above ours was using washer and water started gushing into our bathtub (tenants in unit above are covd19 positive). Tub backed up and water also gushed out of drain causing drain to stop- water slowly drained (15 hours) now water does not go down. Landlord only wants exposed to COVID-19 friend to fix bathtub and I refuse. I have 3 small children and need to bath/shower and can’t because of water back up. Tub is now stained and smells awful

Nature of Request: Sewage back up - Catch Basin

address: 349 Park St

coordinates x,y: 6007075.2925506625, 2096359.122163731

coordinates lat,lng: 37.736603, -122.418002

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