Noise Issue at 634 Powell St Chinatown

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Submitted Thu Aug 06, 2020

Noise location is 3rd Floor Apartment in Residential Building 634 Powell St, shown in attached photo. Laundry machinery runs for 30 minutes at any random times of the day between 11am & 9pm almost every day including Weekends & Holidays. Tonight it started @ 8pm ! Such daily attacks continue to ruin my bad medical condition, my basic, pandemic survival activities, human relations & mental health. I am 79 years old. HELP!

Nature of Request: Building Equipment / Systems

When? Thu Aug 06, 2020 08:42pm

address: 634 Powell St

coordinates x,y: 6010183.7068809215, 2116030.1761451475

coordinates lat,lng: 37.7907897, -122.4086421

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