Encampment at 555 Franklin St, San Francisco Ca 94102, United States

CLOSED Case Resolved. - 11 months ago #12839651
Work Performed Wed Oct 14, 2020

Huge encampment completely blocking sidewalk so people have to walk into traffic. Highly dangerous for seniors or people in wheelchairs. Tents need to be relocated to allow access to the sidewalk. [submitted via https://seeclickfix.com/issues/8496361]

Criminal Activity Inside Encampment? No - Social Distance Violation

How many people? More than 6 People

How many tents, structures, or tarps? More than 6 Structures

address: 320 Fulton St

coordinates x,y: 6006214.946049131, 2111854.3826988614

coordinates lat,lng: 37.7791009216282, -122.422077061264

Timestamp Description
Wed Oct 14, 2020 04:02pm Closed with status: Case Resolved.
Wed Oct 14, 2020 04:02pm Work Performed
Sun Aug 30, 2020 07:06pm Opened
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