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Use of the Open311 API is subject to the following terms:

  • San Francisco 311 can not be held liable for the accuracy or availability of the service provided and do not make any claims to accuracy, completeness, availability, or any other warranty or guarantee.
  • When using the Open311 API, attribution is appreciated but not required. Implication or claim of endorsement is strictly prohibited.
  • The text and images used in applications produced using the API shall not be similar to those used by San Francisco 311; nor shall they in any way imply ownership, endorsement, or approval by San Francisco 311.
  • Usage of the Open311 API depends upon an API key which should only be used by the individual/organization which requested it. Sharing or distribution of API keys is not permitted.
  • Usage is currently not limited, but excessive usage is monitored and may be grounds for the usage caps or termination of service. If you plan to make heavy use of the Open311 API please contact us beforehand so we can be sure.
  • Do not use the Open311 API for bulk submissions. Please contact us if this is a requirement.
  • These terms may be modified at any time. Registered users will be notified of changes via the email address on file.
  • Service may be terminated at any time at the discretion of San Francisco 311.

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