Blocked Pedestrian Walkway at Intersection Of Julian Ave & 16th St

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Submitted Fri Oct 15, 2021

Abused misused and neglected public space and property. Unlawful flower and food vendors obstructing pedestrian sidewalk operating without a permit or meeting health, safety and other public standards. Additionally there are vandals, vagrants and druggies all of which set the tone for the widespread of blight and disorder. What legitimacy is there in do nothing, dysfunctional, unaccountable government? It certainly isn't worth the expense of salaries, benefits and pensions. Why would anyone trust such a entity!

Object: Display merchandise

address: Intersection of Julian Ave & 16th St

coordinates x,y: 6006483.301172494, 2106709.097438382

coordinates lat,lng: 37.76498833, -122.42078333

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