Blocked Driveway & Illegal Parking at 535 Folsom St

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Submitted Sat May 14, 2022

Case not resolved!!Parking enforcement refusing to issue citations! .Case not resolved parking enforcement continues to lie and refusing to issue citations and lying about not being able to verify when they have an address and photo.All vehicles illegally parked.  ZONES ARE PROPERLY SIGNED!! CURB SIDE PROPERLY PAINTED!! For legal reference parking enforcement has photo,  license plate, Make of vehicle,  color and location and they claim unable to locate.  Parking enforcement continues to falsify

Make/Model: All

License Plate: All

Color: All

Nature of Request: Other Illegal Parking

address: 535 Folsom St

coordinates x,y: 6014084.065560667, 2114387.180840352

coordinates lat,lng: 37.78649609, -122.39503182

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