Streetlight Repair at 3605 20th St

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•On Thursday 7/28/2022, PG&E wooden electrical pole #816491, located in front of 3605-20th Street (off Valencia St.) was replaced. •The following Monday, 8/18/2022, a Sonic cable company repair crew was observed working on the cable connection for the condos at 3615-20th Street. •Afterwards it was noted the lower heavy black cable strung between poles #816491 (at 3605-20th St.) and #816489 (up the street at 3635-20th St.) was sagging significantly. •That cable is also currently resting on a tree branch located between 3615- and 3621-20th St. •Yesterday 8/4/2022, a SF Fire Department crew came out to tighten up a cable tv line from 3626-20th St. to the PG&E lines because the cable line was struck by a truck driving on 20th Street. An individual in the neighborhood says they saw the truck strike the line and had actually measured it as only being 12-feet high. •The sagging heavy black cable appears to be only 12-feet high as well. It is only one story up from street level. •Today 8/5/2022, that cable was observed to be hanging just inches above a UPS truck parked directly across the street. •The cable needs to be adjusted higher before a taller truck comes along and hits it, possibly causing an avoidable catastrophe.

Type: Other

Pole Type: Wooden

address: 3605 20th St

coordinates x,y: 6006216.345452009, 2104336.0299773663

coordinates lat,lng: 37.7584573930005, -122.4215381128066

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