Muni Employee Feedback at 1099 Market St

CLOSED Case Resolved. Investigation completed. - 7 months ago #16475434
Submitted Sat Feb 25, 2023

A middle-aged Asian driver of the 1040 F train tried to make a woman with a service dog get off the bus because it barked once. The woman had boxes she could not carry on the street and needed to go further. This driver was discriminating and clearly had contempt for her because she was low income and it was painful and disturbing to watch. We sat on the tracks for 20 minutes while the driver refused to drive and called the police. Everyone on the train tried to reason with the driver. The police came and told the driver he was in the wrong.

Employee Physical Description: Middle aged asian man

Employee ID (if known): 3204

Nature of Request: Complaint: Discourteous/Rude

Discrimination Complaint? Yes, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Request ADA Hearing Info? Yes


Direction: Inbound

When? Sat Feb 25, 2023 09:30pm

address: 1099 Market St

coordinates x,y: 6009014.820825722, 2112332.4491359303

coordinates lat,lng: 37.78057109652623, -122.4124249201669

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