Submit Graffiti Request



Report buildings, public property, and other objects that have been vandalized with graffiti.

Expected Response Time

Inspection Times Listed in Business Days Unless Otherwise Stated

Inspection Times

Bike rack 3 day(s)
Building - Commercial 48 hour(s)
Building - Residential 48 hour(s)
Building - Other 48 hour(s)
City receptacle 48 hour(s)
Fire/Police Callbox 48 hour(s)
Fire hydrant 48 hour(s)
Mail box 48 hour(s)
News rack 48 hour(s)
Parking meter 3 day(s)
Sidewalk 48 hour(s)
Sign (parking/traffic) 20 day(s)
Sign (advertisement/other) 48 hour(s)
Signal box 48 hour(s)
Street 48 hour(s)
Transit Shelter 48 hour(s)
Other 48 hour(s)


Describe the issue you wish to report including a photo and/or a description.
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