Submit Streetlight Repair Request

To report a malfunctioning traffic signal call 311. To report damaged traffic signs return to previous screen and select Parking and Traffic Sign Repair.


Streetlight Repair

Report streetlights that are burnt out, flickering on/off, dim, always on, electrical wires exposed. You can also request a light shield, a new streetlight, and other streetlight repair concerns.

Expected Response Time

Inspection Times Listed in Calendar Days Unless Otherwise Stated

Light Burnt Out 5 business days
Light Flickering On/Off 5 business days
Light Dim 5 business days
Light Always On 5 business days
Electrical Wires Exposed 1 day(s)
Request Light Shield 90 day(s)
Request New Streetlight 30+ day(s)
Other Varies


Describe the issue you wish to report including a photo and/or a description.
* Indicates a required field.

Hint: Drag the pin to the location of the service request