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Street or Sidewalk Cleaning

Expected Response Time

Transit Shelter/Platform 3 calendar day(s)
Electronics/Appliance 4 business hour(s)
Furniture 4 business hour(s)
Human / Animal Waste 12 to 24 hour(s)
Mattress 4 business hour(s)
Medical Waste 12 to 24 hour(s)
Neglected Building (Blight) 21 calendar day(s)
Oil / Paint / Other Spil 8 hour(s)
Overflowing Public Garbage Can 2 hour(s)
Overgrown Lot (Blight) 21 calendar day(s)
Shopping Cart 4 business day(s)
Other Loose Garbage/Debris 24 to 48 hour(s)
Other Contained Garbage 4 business hour(s)


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