Submit Tree Maintenance Request

Call 911 if you are reporting a fallen tree or branch that involves electrical/power lines, vehicles, or buildings.


Tree Maintenance

Report an issue with a tree on public property that is an urgent safety concern. This includes trees that are blocking a street, sidewalk or bike lane, blocking traffic signs or signals, or have broken hanging limbs that are damaging property.

Requests for routine pruning of overgrown trees and other tree maintenance issues that are not an immediate safety concern will be deferred until StreetTreeSF cycles through your neighborhood.

StreetTreeSF is the street tree maintenance program managed by San Francisco Public Works to professionally maintain and care for 124,000-plus street trees growing throughout the City. All street trees will be pruned on a three- to five-year cycle.

Expected Response Time

Inspection Times Listed in Calendar Days

Damaged Tree 1 - 30 day(s)
Damaging Property 1 - 90 day(s)
Landscaping 15 - 90 day(s)
Overgrown Tree 15 - 90 day(s)
Other Tree Issues Varies


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