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Noise Issue at 300 Grove St

This is an ongoing issue. The restaurant at 300 Grove has installed outdoor speakers. The music has been broadcasting down Grove Street on an ongoing basis since the holidays. I barely open my apartment window and music is bouncing into m...
CLOSED Case Resolved. Inspector responded to complaint. No programmed music at time of visit. EC staff in touch with ownership about next steps. - 22 days ago #17805526

Noise Issue at 3231 Fillmore St

The bar nMed Jaxson repeatedly plays music over an outdoor speaker, facing the street, past 10 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. I have made frequent calls to the police but nothing has changed.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Inspector responded to complaint. EC in touch with owner. - 22 days ago #17791220

Noise Issue at San Francisco, Ca 94107, San Francisco 94107

There is a security system on the lot/warehouses behind crane cove park that when triggered automatically plays a recording over a loud speaker “you are trespassing and you have been recorded”. The recording is incredibly loud. It can be...
CLOSED Comment Noted. Thank you for reporting. Port Property Manager will reach out for more information. - 22 days ago #17828504

Noise Issue at 6620 Geary Blvd

Loud screaming prior to 7:00 a.m. by Unit 2. Heard in their unit as well as in the common areas.
CLOSED Case is Invalid. - 22 days ago #17829082

Noise Issue at 261 Munich St

A rooster that is now crowing starting at 6:45AM. Many complaints have been filed in regards to this. Please help.
CLOSED Accepted. Noise informational reports are closed and summarized for department use. - 22 days ago #17824377

Noise Issue at 2772 Sacramento St

Their car (red Honda Accord) alarm has repeatedly gone off for an extended period of time in the middle of the night for several nights over the last two weeks.
CLOSED Case is Invalid. For auto alarms going off continuously, contact non-emergency SFPD at (415) 553-0123. - 22 days ago #17828514

Noise Issue at 566 Folsom St

The noise of music from the gym below is quite difficult to tolerate. Also, the whole building shakes when someone throws the weights.
OPENED 23 days ago #17828061
Noise Issue at 566 Folsom St

Noise Issue at Warner Pl

This is my third time reporting this, last request was closed with status: Accepted. Sent to DPH Consumer Protection Program district inspector for investigation. I would like to request a report from the inspector.
OPENED 23 days ago #17827326
Noise Issue at Warner Pl

Noise Issue at 2655 Broderick St

Works using power tools and hammers at 6am
CLOSED Case Resolved. 1/29/24: No condition found.GS -. - 23 days ago #17818339

Noise Issue at 2448 Great Hwy

Laundry room noise, after 2am until 4am
OPENED 23 days ago #17825706

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