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Noise Issue at 953 Harrison St

Abandoned car horn is blaring
CLOSED Case is Invalid. SFPD. - 23 days ago #17824909

Noise Issue at 954 Florida St

Frequent construction sounds well past 8pm; this is a persistent problem
CLOSED Insufficient Information Provided. Per DBI: If this construction is in the middle of the intersection and outside the property line, then it has nothing to do with DBI. If this is going on inside the property, we need the legal address to process this complaint. Please clarify if the construction is on a building or the public right of way. If on a building, the exact address is needed. - 23 days ago #17821195

Noise Issue at 119 Haight St

They’re doing non permitted construction sawing metal beneath our apartment in the building every day. Constantly drilling metal all day long it’s very loud
CLOSED Case Transferred. To view status, go to track permits and complaints with 202418599 or call 628-652-3400. - 23 days ago #17818669
Noise Issue at 119 Haight St

Noise Issue at 2519 Broadway

Garbage/recycle truck come every monday at 6am, making a lot of noise.
OPENED 23 days ago #17824239

Noise Issue at 1795 Geary Blvd, San Francisco 94115

Person sorting glass extremely loudly for hours every Sunday starting at 11:30 pm
CLOSED Comment Noted. If in progress, please contact SFPD non emergency at 415-553-0123. - 23 days ago #17824037

Noise Issue at 361 Gonzalez Dr

lots of fireworks going off at Park Merced now
CLOSED Comment Noted. Please contact SFPD Nonemergency Dispatch at 415-553-0123 to report illegal fireworks. - 23 days ago #17823647

Noise Issue at 1335 Webster St

It's currently 2:50 AM, and I find myself compelled to report an ongoing issue at the Safeway on Webster Street. Every night, especially on weekends, there are loud parties in the parking lot, causing a disturbance. The noise and trash le...
CLOSED Comment Noted. - 24 days ago #17821361
Noise Issue at 1335 Webster St

Noise Issue at 37 Loyola Terr

Noisy party with screaming kids.
CLOSED No Action Required. call sfpd. - 24 days ago #17821133

Noise Issue at 2000 Post St

the new mechanical equipment installed on the roof automatically turns on after hours emitting low humming noise and vibration throughout the night that can be heard loudly in my rental apartment; this is multi-apartment residential build...
OPENED 24 days ago #17821251
Noise Issue at 2000 Post St

Noise Issue at 37 Loyola Terr

Tenants hosting loud party/loud music
CLOSED Case Transferred. call sfpd. - 24 days ago #17821167

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