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Park Requests at 2722 Fulton St

This 3rd Avenue and Fulton intersection is one of a few instances along this stretch of Fulton (and many instances in the park) where the park's tree don't meet City standards for 8 foot clearance above sidewalks and/or block street light...
CLOSED Case Resolved. Department has fulfilled obligations and answered questions. - 2 days ago #15379018
Park Requests at 2722 Fulton St

Park Requests at Jefferson Square, Eddy And Gough, San Francisco 94102

Something needs to be done about the off leash dogs at this park. My dog (on leash) has been attacked multiple times by dogs 3x his size: a border Collie, German shepherd, and a rottweiler. In one case the border Collie bit me when I was...
CLOSED Case Resolved. Additional passing checks performed. Advised few dog walkers about off leash area. - 2 days ago #18155400

Park Requests at 1200 Greenwich St Russian Hill

There is little to no lighting in the dog park at Alice Marble tennis courts. It is unsafe to walk down the steps at night to Larkin. The park is very poorly lit and is dangerous due to limited lighting in the park.
CLOSED Administrative Closure. If issue has not been resolved, please resubmit request. - 2 days ago #15051843

Park Requests at Parkside Square Park, 28th Ave & Vicente St, San Francisco 94132

Playground ground cover ripping and cracked with holes. Need new ground cover. Sand area, mats coming up underneath sand.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Order has been forwarded to capitol for review. - 3 days ago #18229003

Park Requests at Jefferson Square, 900–996 Turk St, San Francisco 94109

People drinking alcohol
CLOSED Insufficient Information Provided. - 3 days ago #18244901

Park Requests at Golden Gate Park, San Francisco 94121

Take your outside fucking lands and shove it up your ass.
CLOSED Case is Invalid. - 5 days ago #18232176

Park Requests at Lafayette Park, Gough And Washington Street, San Francisco 94109

The dog park lacks gates to two of three entryways. Only the East facing entryway has a gate. This is a safety hazard for not only pets, but people and their families! Many dog parks throughout the city have multiple gates at each entrywa...
CLOSED Case Closed. Comment Noted. This dog area was designed with input from the neighbors specifically without gates to encourage owners to watch their pets more closely and so the space would not be overburdened with dog walkers. - 6 days ago #18150409

Park Requests at Filbert St & Stockton St

Faucet in women's restroom at Washington square path is stuck in on position. Water is running continuously.
CLOSED Case Closed. Comment Noted. Staff was unable to recreate the issue. Sink faucets appear to be working as designed. - 6 days ago #18229074

Park Requests at 475 Molimo Dr

Mt. Davidson shrubbery and Bramble has grown up against. my property. It is drying up and there is no ember resistant zone on Rec and Park side of property which creates fire hazard.. I cut all my side but city needs to provide the fire...
CLOSED Unable to Locate. If the problem still exists, please submit a new request with more details regarding the location of the issue. - 6 days ago #17648283
Park Requests at 475 Molimo Dr

Park Requests at 7 Martha Ave Outer Mission

Please schedule cut & trim for the eucalyptus on the south side of D Erskine Park, hanging over homes along Mangels Avenue. Pls clear the stack of branches constructed as a "lean-to" shed on the top center of park. Thanks & great job cl...
CLOSED Case Resolved. - 6 days ago #14092026

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