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Noise Issue at 1101 Fillmore St

Excessive loud music played from van, Police Code, Article, 29, Section 2908
OPENED 25 days ago #17507602

Noise Issue at 424 Octavia St Hayes Valley

Loud , non-stop drumming'''s been going on for a few hours and now it's louder and getting louder . Please help.
OPENED 25 days ago #17507502

Noise Issue at 1351 Polk St Lower Nob Hill

I very weekend it has been the same. Gathering Outside with screaming and shouting. Every Friday and Saturday night. Last week it was also on Sunday. It goes on till 3am or more. Why is closing hour of this establishment in a residential...
OPENED 25 days ago #17507446

Noise Issue at 3184 Mission St Bernal Heights

Deafeningly loud construction started at 3am, still going on at 5am. Even with all my windows closed and my noise canceling headphones on it is loud. I can't sleep, and fear long term hearing loss as a result. Enough of this city and this...
OPENED 26 days ago #17503569

Noise Issue at 490 S Van Ness Ave Mission District

The air handling unit on the roof is constantly noisy, more than 50db inside the bedrooms within a block away (!), must create a much louder db impact. This noise takes place all day, including from 10pm to 7am with mechanic moving parts...
OPENED 26 days ago #17503473

Noise Issue at 80 10th St So Ma

Hi, I would like to file a formal complaint about construction noise issue on 10th between market and mission st. I live at 1400 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94103. My name is David, I am one of the owners of the 1400 mission condo bu...
OPENED 26 days ago #17503459

Noise Issue at 582 Washington St North Beach

Unacceptable volume of sound past 11:20pm. Its a residential community above the business (High Horse). Residents can hear the extra loud music clearly and the bass and beats of music is affecting the resting hours. This is unacceptable a...
OPENED 26 days ago #17503369

Noise Issue at 533 27th St Noe Valley

Hello, there is a loud music coming from a couple of streets away - it sounds like an outdoor concert or something like it. The music is super loud and the entire street block can hear the thumping.
OPENED 26 days ago #17503228

Noise Issue at 1000 Harrison St So Ma

The gas station (Chevron) recently installed an anti loitering machine that is incredibly loud and is on 24/7. We can hear it even with our windows closed and it is preventing us from working, sleeping and living peacefully at home.
OPENED 26 days ago #17503189
Noise Issue at 1000 Harrison St So Ma

Noise Issue at 1000 Harrison St So Ma

Chevron has installed an Anti loitering device that is a nuisance to our neighboring building as it chirps non stop and hurts our ears. It started on 10/30 and it took until today to figure out the source.
OPENED 26 days ago #17503074

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