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Noise Issue at 269 Hickory St

Woman smoking and yelling at people and cars passing by
OPENED about 2 hours ago #16401474
Noise Issue at 269 Hickory St

Noise Issue at 139 Collingwood St, San Francisco Ca 94114, United States

Dog barks all day Large black dog from top right window [submitted via]
OPENED about 3 hours ago #16401109

Noise Issue at 1419 San Bruno Ave

Sfmta permit 721854, trucks too big and noisy at 6am for residential street, please move this food delivery to another block
OPENED about 5 hours ago #16400429
Noise Issue at 1419 San Bruno Ave

Noise Issue at 366 Collingwood St

Loud thumping lasting 5 minutes coming from unit above ours. Address of our unit 366 Collingwood. Noise coming from 368 Collingwood
OPENED about 11 hours ago #16398236

Noise Issue at 1799 Lombard St Union Street

HVAC/air conditioning unit on roof of HR Block Building at 1799 Lombard St. automatically switches on and off beginning at around 8 p.m., thru 7 a.m. Noise is a high pitched humming/whining/whirring sound, outside bedroom windows of neigh...
OPENED about 20 hours ago #16397789

Noise Issue at 4068 18th St The Castro

Music from the outdoor patio at the mic can be heard clearly over 100 ft away from the patio
OPENED about 21 hours ago #16397659

Noise Issue at 1142 Valencia St

Amplified music on street, system mounted on front of business Botega
OPENED 1 day ago #16397104
Noise Issue at 1142 Valencia St

Noise Issue at 1335 Kearny St North Beach

Since 2020, the four corners on Kearny and Jackson St have been in construction non-stop. As soon as one of the corners gets destroyed, covered back, and ready for pedestrians, another corner of this same crossroad gets destroyed to be in...
OPENED 1 day ago #16396817

Noise Issue at 1700 16th St Showplace Square

Noise from the bar Thee Parkside travels into the apartments a half block away (more than 200 feet), sometimes until 1am, making it impossible for residents to have peaceful enjoyment in their homes. Please escalate this as nothing ever s...
OPENED 1 day ago #16394441

Noise Issue at 4066 18th St

Loud music from back patio of poesia
OPENED 2 days ago #16392541

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