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Muni Employee Feedback at 1614 Sunnydale Ave

Bus 6670 at Hahn/ Sunnydale parked too far from curb in middle of road.
OPENED about 11 hours ago #13827243

Muni Employee Feedback at 1401 19th Ave

The operator of N Bus #6583 is doing a great job. Politely requested patrons wear their mask while on the bus. Made everyone else onboard feel much safer! Thank You!
OPENED 1 day ago #13824945

Muni Employee Feedback at 1927 Market St

The driver of N bus #6609 was very patient and helpful waiting for me on my bike merge safely across the tracks due to a lane closure on market just past Duboce
OPENED 2 days ago #13822379

Muni Employee Feedback at 300 Portola Dr

The team of 3 POP officers who were on the 37 route yesterday (5/13/21) including J. Jordan were very professional and encouraged fare compliance and payment without making people feel uncomfortable or giving people citations in the middl...
OPENED 2 days ago #13821755

Muni Employee Feedback at 137 Bush St

Not enforcing mask mandate inside bus #6676 check video at the bus picked up people after van ness stop back if bus had two people yelling abs speaking out with no mask this morning 11:00 am ish
OPENED 3 days ago #13818759

Muni Employee Feedback at 93 7th St

Driver not wearing mask. Not even under chin. Bus #8886. #27.
OPENED 6 days ago #13808173

Muni Employee Feedback at Intersection Of Rockaway Ave & Rockwood Ct

Meter maid enforcing street cleaning parking was speeding and driving recklessly. Also flipped off my neighbor when he told her to slow down
OPENED 3 months ago #13544559


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