Illegal Postings at 2325 Clement St

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Submitted Thu Mar 16, 2023

Franciscans are not usually thought to be submissive, but of course they are. Why else would they allow our physical environment be taken over, desecrated and destroyed? Why else would they be passive as abusers, misusers, vandals ignore community standards and codes all the while public officials stand idle? Why else would they by proxies continue to give salaries, benefits and pensions to corrupted, worthless politicians and public bureaucrats who for years have endorse urban blight and disorder by their utter failure to use proactive measures and code enforcement. Banning portable spray paint containers it’s a start.

Nature of Request: Affixed Improperly

Whole block? No

address: 2325 Clement St

coordinates x,y: 5988354.116773433, 2113296.9817380137

coordinates lat,lng: 37.78203833333333, -122.48397

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Thu Mar 16, 2023 06:45pm Opened