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1910 Great Hwy

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GreatHwy is not a bus stop for the 7. Photo is bus #6545. The 7 has an entire block dedicated to end of the line parking. It has been happening more frequently this past month,sometimes w idle on. Please remind drivers they are not allowed to park on Great Highway (no vehicles over 22' long is posted on the city signs) and they are not to idle when on break. It is unsightly and it is not fair that these large buses take over more parking after they have already been given an entire block on Ortega.
1910 Great Hwy
37.75066421, -122.50814615
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Nature of Request: Other (Comment or Suggestion)
Line/Route: 7 - HAIGHT/NORIEGA
Direction: direction
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Discrimination Complaint? No
Incident Date: 01/31/2024
Incident Time: 10:25 AM
am/pm: AM


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